Play School

Between 11AM – 1PM

Age : 1-2 years 

This program is designed to enable children to experience the first sight s and sounds of a larger community based learning experience. For a toddler, his or her first time out of home is made fun, colorful and full of music and hands- on activities. They play with textures, familiarize themselves with other children and learn to express themselves. Each new milestone is documented in two detailed albums that serve as souvenirs for toddlers going on teens!


Between 08:45 AM – 10:45 AM (Morning Batch)  &
11AM – 1PM (Afternoon Batch)

Age : 3 years

In a room full of different activities, your child immediately thrives in his social, emotional and linguistic abilities. Children who come from a different vernacular background begin to communicate in English.

Age –appropriate activities enable children to explore their potential whether it is on the play field, in the garden or at the table.


Between 08:45 AM – 10:45 AM

Age : 4  years.

 This program enables children to interact with a curriculum that involves literacy and writing as well as numeric recognition. Our Curriculumis customized to the needs of your child at this age. From writing and art to reading and music, your child is encouraged to interact with the numerous activities that expand their understanding. 


Between 08:45 AM – 10:45 AM

Age: 5 years

Children in Upper Kindergarten are encouraged to explore learning through problem solving activities. Through the use of role- plays and imaginative play, their vocabulary is built substantially. Children build on their academic foundations as well as develop good social and interpersonal skills.

Here, their leadership skills are honed and many find themselves ready for their years in a Primary School.

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Seats are provided to the child on first –come-first- serve basis. Admission for a new academic year may be taken as early as 6 months prior.