New Alpha Academy began as a pre-primary school in 1994 with a vision to provide meaningful and rewarding learning experiences to young learners. Since its establishment,  the school has grown to serve the educative needs of the community in Colaba  and teach children in a wholesome and enriching atmosphere.


No admission due to COVID-19 for 2020 | Age : 1-2 years


Virtual learning Experience for 2020 | Age : 3 years

Lower KG

Virtual learning Experience for 2020| Age : 4  years


Upper KG

Virtual learning Experience for 2020 | Age: 5 years

Learning can be fun…

…and we at Alpha understand this and have formulated an integrated curriculum which is not only developmentally appropriate but also fun based. Our child friendly toys, creative teaching methods, field trips, educational games help to stimulate the child’s curiosity and instill in them a joy for learning. We aim at imparting a sound foundational education of our pupils’ spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, physical & aesthetic endowments as are suitable for the child.

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We are thrilled to begin our new batch for 2020 with Virtual Learning Experiences, upholding quality education & child safety in these unprecedented times.

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