Know Us

New Alpha Academy began as a pre-primary school in 1994 with a vision to provide meaningful and rewarding learning experiences to young learners. Since its establishment, the school has grown to serve the educative needs of the community in Colaba and teach children in a wholesome and enriching atmosphere.

Our Values


Right from its inception, New Alpha Academy has been a place children can find a safe space to build their first social relationships. For a majority of our children, this is their first peek into the ‘real world’ other than their immediate family. Here, they are encouraged to be themselves and express their unique, God- given personalities. With a high Adult- Child ratio, each little individual is cared for, individually.

Holistic Curiculum

The Pre-school and Kindergarten curriculum is customized to the context of the society we now live in. Each concept is communicated through hands-on activities and age- appropriate material, both indoors and outdoors. Songs, art, drama, story- telling, use of puppets, and a ton of other creative methods are used to engage our young and enthusiastic learners.

Family Involvement

Children blossom when placed in a safe and loving community and the immediate family plays a vital role in the nurturing of the young mind. We encourage, help and support parents in their involvement in the lives of our children. To pre-schoolers, Love is spelt T-I-M-E.

Living in Community

The community is where our young minds are shaped with worldviews and attitudes that in turn, mould them to be the future of our world. At New Alpha Academy, we are involved in exploring our neighborhood and visiting spaces that create the culture we experience. Visits to the Museums, galleries, parks, shopping centres, fire stations and the police department are a part of the journey.

Learning Atmosphere

We believe that each child is a unique individual with specialized gifts and talents. Keeping this in mind we have a holistic curriculum which caters to the unique requirement of each child. Hence, a loving, caring clean & highly decorative atmosphere makes school hours very attractive for the new student leaving home for the first time.

Integrated Curriculum

Our integrated Curriculum is based on Montessori, American phonics and play way methods. Curriculum is developed exclusively for Alpha Academy making learning interesting and enjoyable.

Phonics Program

We have a specialized phonics program which familiarizes children with foundational concepts in reading and spellings. This not only helps them to read with ease but also creates in them a spirit of independent learning.

Personal Attention

Personal attention is given to each student, providing room for each child to progress according to his or her pace.

Small Class Size

Limited number of students helps teachers build children’s character and instills in them a confidence to pursue excellence in academics.

Spacious Room

Spacious Room for outdoor play activities is ample. The school also has a large auditorium for assembly and dramatics.


Educational Toys and Play Equipment that is used stimulates gross motor skills and fine motor skills in an informal atmosphere.


Reading is the heart of all education. To create in them a love for reading, we have a full- fledged library with pop- up books, touch- and feel books as well as those with auditory assistance. Age- appropriate books are carefully selected to meet the reading requirements of our young minds.

Experiential Learning

To make learning experiential, interesting field trips are planned to connect book knowledge to reality, making learning tangible and memorable.


Besides teaching, we also include training and disciplining with love as part of their curriculum thus partnering with parents in bringing up loving, secure and well mannered children.

Our Faculty

Our Philosophy

Scientific research has proved that maximum learning happens during the early years of a child’s life where the mind is open to new concepts and ideas. It is, therefore, imperative to hone their skills at this stage so that the child will be well equipped for the rest of his life. We at Alpha understand this. Keeping this in mind we have formulated an integrated curriculum which is not only developmentally appropriate but also fun based.Our child friendly toys, creative teaching methods, field trips, educational games help to stimulate the child’s curiosity and instill in them a joy for learning.

In our quest for holistic quality education we endeavor to keep the standard of our school constantly updated with new and innovative techniques. We aim at imparting a sound foundational education of our pupils’ spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, physical & aesthetic endowments as are suitable for the child. These solid foundations give them a firm grounding in their latter years and transform them from mere learners to great thinkers.

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