Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve my child’s seat for the next academic year?

Seats are provided to the child on first –come-first- serve basis. Admission for April 2022 has commenced with limited seats per class.

What about Donations?

As a school, we adopt a NO DONATION policy.

What are the transport facilities during Physical Schooling?

Children may be dropped and picked up at the school gate. Bus services for students are also available. Kindly contact the school office for the same.

How do I communicate with the school and my child’s teachers?

There are a number of ways to connect to the school. 

Here are a few:

  • by taking a prior appointment to connect to the teacher during or after school hours.
  • by connecting through the App that the school uses.
What are the online and on -campus safety measures in practice?

Each class has a separate link for log in and access. Assignments are provided over a secure link to authorized email IDs. 

In school, a number of CCTV cameras are installed at various locations throughout the premises.

Staff and support staff are trained and ably equipped to consider all safety measures.