Parents Speak

Mr. Manish

“This is a superbly planned, progressive and most sought after school. My son Meanas had the best start from Nursery onwards. He was well groomed and nurtured so beautifully, in every field to make him a very outstanding human being first. Tons of heartfelt wishes and thanks to every person of New Alpha Academy.”

Mr. Singh

 “In my view this school teaches the children using good scientific methods. My children Sparsh and Lawanya Singh studied here for more than 3 years, and the knowledge they have gained is really impressive. I am feeling sorry that we have to leave due to my transfer. But I am very thankful to this school for the education they are giving to the children.”

Mrs. Sunitha

“My daughter enjoyed all the poems and songs she learnt. The drilling in phonetics is excellent and she can recognize all the alphabets and numbers with ease. When we went for the Interview, she did very well because of the efforts of the teachers. I am truly grateful for the warm encouragement and quality teaching Keren has received.”

Mrs. Rhea Arora

“Alpha is an excellent school in the sense that it gave opportunity to my kids (especially Jasleen) to have the right of education, she was accepted with open arms, with love. The school gave the advice of hiring a shadow teacher, which really helped her a lot. Both my daughters loved the school and will surely miss it and cherish the fond memories of the school as well as the teacher.”

Mr. Aman Preet Bisht

  “The language development, the confidence and the overall growth of my child Sharan Bisht was worth watching. The staff member the teachers are always ready to guide the parents and also take keen interest to pay attention in each class. Keep up the good work.”

Mr. Mohammed Arif

“I think I took a right decision in admitting both my children in this school. What I have noticed here is that children are treated like angels of God, and have been taught good and truthful values.  I want to thank each and every one from the Principal, to all the staff of Alpha to even the guard who boards the children into the bus sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Special thanks to the class teacher who took so much pain to inculcate good values into them, definitely one day my children will make us all proud. Thanks once again.”

Mr. Jagdish Vani

“My kid has learnt to grasp the language and has improved in his pronunciation. All this is due to the hard work put in by the teacher. He has developed an attitude to learn more and explore. Very grateful to the school management for bringing out the best in my child.”

Mrs. Korde

   “Studying here in Alpha has been very beneficial. She has learnt well to adjust to the school environment and also learnt to make friends. In this healthy environment she also learnt to play games which she wasn’t good at. An excellent place to lay a good foundation for your child.”

Mr. Kapil Madan

 “The teaching and practical’s imparted to the pupils is effective. The students of New Alpha make a difference by virtue of this education given by school. I am lucky to have my daughter admitted to a nice institute wherein she learnt a lot, which cannot be described in such a small piece of paper. Alpha Academy makes a good base for children.”

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